Short Stories

Probability Says

A wizard amuses himself with a hat that predicts the future.
Until it tells him something he doesn't want to hear.

Genres: humor, high fantasy, romance
Contains: spanking, a talking hat
Implements: hand
Total Word Count: 5473

Merry Conniptions 

A Holiday Story 
Genres: humor, romance
Contains: paddling, supernatural beings, rampant personification
Implements: paddle
Total Word Count: 8228

The Department of Needs vs. Wants 

Because there is such a thing as too much.
Genres: humor, slight romance
Contains: implied sex, spanking, supernatural beings
Implements: hand
Total Word Count: 3465

Empty Saddles

Genres: western, romance
Contains: established relationship, cowboys, spanking
Implements: hand
Total Word Count: 2358


The sequel to an old fairy tale. 
Genres: humor
Contains: spanking, supernatural beings
Implements: switch
Total Word Count: 1550

Forget About It 

A spell goes wrong, but it's not the caster that's in trouble.
Genres: fantasy, romance
Contains: spanking, magic, dubious consent 
Implements: hand, slipper
Total Word Count: 6908

Carpe Diem 

Smoking: it's bad.
Genres: general
Contains: spanking
Implements: hand
Total Word Count: 4189