I thought I would help spread the joy by sharing a few of my favorite discipline related websites. 

The Tea Room - A listing of many authors. Most of these are more story based with less "smack smack smack" in lieu of descriptions. 

MMSA (M-M Spanking Archive) - A massive collection of stories. A little bit of everything here, including a lot of the "smack smack smack."

Individual authors I'm crazy about:

Rolf and Ranger - I'm especially fond of the Nick and Damien stories. I've read them many, many times over several years. Ranger's writing style has been a definite influence on mine.

Demos/Alexander Wilder - Spanking fairy tales. Does it get better than that? A few stories are listed here, but almost all of my favorite stories have been published in an ebook 12 Whipped Princes.  

Nelson - Primarily original fiction, but some fan fiction as well. After watching season 4 of Angel, Like Father, Like Son, felt like therapy.  

Minx - All fan fiction. I haven't read everything because I want to avoid spoilers, but I've loved what I've read. Bad Company has some of the best tension ever, and Bad Day at Black Rock Coda is the perfect missing scene for that episode. I'm netflixing my way through season 5 right now and I've had an ungodly amount of bad thoughts about Castiel, Dean an Sam. I only wish I could write fanfic...

Mnemonic Techniques, by Chris. This is one of my all time favorite stories, sadly it's the only one that seems to be available by this author. I am incredibly jealous of how well the dialog is written. It's like a web that slowly tightens around Benjamin. I also love how the top is a liberal, pacifist, vegetarian with dreadlocks. It's nice to read stories that break the mold a bit.

I'll be adding more links as I think of them.